Saitov: Hello, everybody! I’m Saitov, VJump’s editor in charge of Nintendo articles.
Kataoka: Hello, I’m Kataoka, I’m a writer for VJump.
S: The release date is near! The Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom Weekly Shōnen Jump 50 Years Anniversary Edition!!
K: Oh, yeah…
S: Hmm? You sound curiously unexcited. Is it because…
K: Most of the titles on that console came out before I was born. (I’m 28)
S: Whaaat!? (39)

Well, then I’ll have to prove to you that you should be getting excited about those games!

Weekly Shōnen Jump 50th Anniversary!! The golden Mini Famicom!!

S: The soon to be released Jumpicom celebrates, as indicated by its name, the 50th print anniversary of our magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. It’s a new version of the Mini Famicom created by Nintendo and Shōnen Jump!
K: The golden console is really shiny!
S: Gold is the color of some the most awesome characters in Jump! Saint Seiya’s golden robe, Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyan, Kinnikuman’s Goldman… This golden-bodied miniature Famicom console has 20 Jump games!

K: Ooh… All of them are based on legendary mangas!
S: Now you’ve got it, Kataoka!

I recommend you try my favorite, Kinnikuman’s M.U.S.C.L.E.! Or, better yet, Kinnikuman’s Battle Royale (original title: キン肉マン キン肉星王位争奪戦).

S: In it, Kinnikuman faces off in action-packed battles against his rivals, the Five Fated Princes. It’s a side scroller with the manga’s Supermen as bosses.

There are lots of special attacks too, and the Fated Princes who appear in every stage are especially tough and cool. I seem to remember there was a trick to beating King the 100 Ton.

K: I see…
S: I’ll tell you another good one, Famicom Jump Hero Chronicles… Just kidding, it’s Dynasty Wars. It’s a role playing game set in the era of the Records of the Three Kingdoms with visuals that match those of the original manga. As the game progresses, supreme warlords become your allies. It’s an intense experience. Battle will show who’s a real man and who isn’t. You know all about that, don’t you, Kataoka?
K: Y-yes.

(I started to like the sound of it, but Saitov’s zeal is kind of off-putting…)

S: And to think that this premium item will be sold starting July 7th! For 7,980 Yen (plus tax)!

Passing up this deal would be crazy! There’s also an official site, go ahead and show it to your friends!!

K: That’s right, the official sitewill be launched today. Please go and have a look, everybody!
S: There’s also a special edition of CS Fuji TV ONE’s manga show Mandō Kobayashi that’ll show a world record run of the system’s games.

In the last episode, Kendō Kobayashi played nostalgic titles and faced off against Yudetamago Shimada in M.U.S.C.L.E. Next time on “Famicom Jump Hero Chronicles”, Kendō Kobayashi will step up to the challenge. Stay tuned!

S: Until next time, we’ll be eagerly awaiting your comments!
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