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Saitov: Hello, everybody! My name is Saitov, I’m the editor in charge of Nintendo stories at the VJump video game magazine. I grew up right in the Famicom era.
Kataoka: I am Kataoka, I’m a writer for VJump. I identify myself with the Super Famicom and 64 generations.
S: Next week, on July 7th, the Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom Weekly Shōnen Jump 50 Years Anniversary Edition („Jumpicom“ in the following) will be released!



K: Oh boy, next week already! When we were talking last week, it still felt so far away. Since then, I researched the titles that come with the system. There are some fun looking games among them!
S: Oh, really? Can you give some examples?
K: I’m especially interested in Dragon Ball 3 Gokūden! It’s a kind of card game in which you travel the world of Dragon Ball. That’s the kind of unique games that existed in the Famicom era!

S: Sounds like you understand the awesomeness of retro games. We’ll get games from lots of different genres this time too, I’m excited for that!

An interview with someone who helped create the Jumpicom…?


S: By the way, in last week’s article, we wrote that we wanted to get a comment from a certain person. Did you prepare that for us, Mr. Kataoka?
K: (what… you wanted me to…!?) Er, well, let’s see… This time, we’re going to hear what the Jumpicom’s secret producer has to say. The stage is yours, Mr. Saitov!
S: Yes, very good, Mr Saitov… wait a minute, that’s me! I’m not a producer!
K: Come on! You did a lot of things behind the scenes, didn’t you? And that’s what a producer does, isn’t it? Good job!
S: Oh…
K: Yes! We want to hear what SP (secret producer) Saitov has to tell us.
S: SP Saitov… I’m not sure about this, but suddenly I feel very important. But just this once, okay?
K: Thank you very much! (That went more smoothly than expected…) Well then, here’s my first question. When you selected the titles for the system, did you have any kind of special criterion in mind?
S: At first I wanted to put every Famicom Jump game on it! But that wasn’t feasible, so the development team had a whole bunch of meetings to decide. We tried to add one game from every Manga, but there were many that had to be cut. We were heartbroken about it.
K: I see. There were some games you couldn’t include.


Next, what was the idea behind making the Jumpicom console golden?

S: We wanted to give it a festive feeling in honor of Jump’s 50th anniversary. Nothing beats gorgeous gold!

K: Also there are Super Saiyans and Gold Saint, so it’s fitting!


Last question, do you have something to tell all the people who are thinking about buying a Jumpicom?

S: Since these are some atmospheric games, I’m sure that people from the Famicom Generation like me as well as young gamers will enjoy them!
K: Thank you very much, SP Saitov.


Oh, and on July 6th, just before the Jumpicom goes on sale, VJump will release the Jumpicom World’s Fastest Clear Guide.

S: This book shows you the fastest way through all of the system’s 20 titles. It features methods of getting through games with save points as well as old-fashioned passwords.

K: And it’s the fastest way?
S: The book is being released before the console, so it has to be the fastest way! (Stands to reason)
K: I… I see…
S: Besides game guides, it also contains an interview with Kazuhiko Torishima. We asked him lots of questions about the system’s games!


The interview with Mr. Torishima will also be released on the VJump Channel on YouTube. Anyone who’s interested in that, please have a look.

K: Next week is the big release date. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to it!
S: We hope you like the games and the mangas they’re based on.
K: See you next time!
S: Bye!


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