He’s green! He’s not lean! He’s not in the least mean! Let’s have some 💚 for Tingle! 🎈

I’m a proud member of the Ripened Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love translation project. We released our first English localization patch for TLBT in 2017, as promised. December 31st, 10:30 PM CET, to be exact *coughcoughcough*.

Sketch of the perp from memory
Sketch of the perp from memory

Quite a few people downloaded and played the patch. Turns out there’s a lot of love for that chubby green dude out there, and we received a ton of comments that showed us how happy players are to finally be able to enjoy this weird weird game.

We also received many helpful pointers to places where translations were missing, or incorrect, or just had a little room to improve. So many things hide in the nooks and crannies of a convoluted, sprawling adventure game like this, it’s unvelievable. In all my testing I never even thought of intentionally failing the warehouse exterminator mini game to see some new lines of dialogue!

Careful examination of all of you guyses’ criticism lead to many many improvements of the quality of the localization and technical fixes that will flow into our next patch release, bringing an even more tingling experience to you and your DS. Look forward to our next update!

For now, head over to our project site and grab version 1.1 of the patch! Have fun playing and share your adventures in Oz, I mean, the Emerald Kingdom with us!

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The Emerald Princess · June 13, 2018 at 8:25 pm

Awesome! And I could follow this road somewhat up close. Keep up the outstanding job! Looking forward to more posts. 😍😀

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