Are you already playing Metroid: Samus Returns? It’s been released on September 15 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Actually, many fans have already finished the first 2D game in the series in 13 years.

We’ve put together some interesting news for those who’ve already beaten the game.

Samus’ look during the ending

It’s a tradition of the series to have Samus change her appearance during the ending credits depending on the time it took the player to finish the game.

In Samus Returns, there are three different endings, depending on the time elapsed:

  • less than 4 hours
  • less than 8 hours
  • more than 8 hours

You can watch endings you’ve already seen again by selecting Credits from the options in the save game selection screen. Tackle the game again and try to finish faster this time!

Secret technique: Ice blaster

With the Ice Beam you can freeze smaller enemies. But did you know you can also use it to damage them?

If you strike an enemy that’s been frozen by the Ice Beam with the Melee Counter, you can destroy them with one hit! Used efficiently, this technique can shorten the time you need to finish the game.

By the way, you can increase the freeze duration by charging the Ice Beam.

Try the sequels and the prequels!

Here Nintendo tells you to check out a bunch of discounts on Metroid games for the Famicom, Game Boy and Super Famicom on the eShop, as well as to get a Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom.

This is a translation of an article on 『メトロイド サムスリターンズ』定番?の隠しネタ + メトロイドシリーズの耳より情報もお知らせ! All text and images, Metroid, Samus Returns, are trademarks of Nintendo.

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ImNotHer · October 5, 2017 at 12:17 am

The happiness of seeing a new translation from senpai! Now I want to play this Metroid game. I’ve never played any of them before. Anyway… what senpai will bring next? 🤔

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