Browsing Famitsu for the latest updates on games, I found this unexpected gem: an ad for a machine that makes the perfect Tamagokakegohan!

Tamagokakegohan, in case you don’t already know, is a Japanese delicacy, basically a bowl of rice topped with egg. The name translates too “egg on rice”. A tasty classic. But what a hassle it is to make!

Until now! Takara Tomy A.R.T.S has taken it upon itself to make this popular food available to anyone, even those who can’t afford the many, many minutes it takes to make. With their new machine, making a tasty TKG – that’s what the cool kids call tamagokakegohan – takes so little time that you can even do it before breakfast, the company claims.

It works like this: Put a fresh egg, shell and all, into the egg holder on top. Press a button to have the machine crack the egg, and another to release its contents, automatically separating the yolk from the white. Press a third button – the “whip button”, no less! – to whip the egg white into a nice froth. Put your foamy white on top of a bowl of rice, put the yolk on top of that – voilà! You’ve got yourself some perfect tool-assisted TKG. Watch it in action!

Sounds great and will definitely make your life better. People in the comments are mainly worried with how much time cleaning the device will take, since the manual says you’re supposed to clean it right after each use. Might that run counter to the advertised time-saving aspect, one commenter asks…

Purchase the “Ultimate TKG” for 3500 Yen ($32.46, €26.96) and get! your! egg on!

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ケイト · September 9, 2017 at 11:20 pm

Another great translation and such a humor tone added to it. Now… where can I buy such a gizmo? I’d like to have some TKG tomorrow morning 🤔

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