This year I participated for the second time in LocJam, an online contest for game translators. Last time, in LocJam Japan, the challenge was about translating a small and very funny game from Japanese to English. It was loads of fun and the experience taught me a lot about working on translations and creative writing in the context of video games.

LocJam 4 participants were asked to translate the same fun game from English into their native language; in my case that’s German. I’m delighted to say my entry got the winning vote in the ‘amateur’ category of both German jurors. 😮 🎉 👯‍♂️

My thanks go to International Game Developers Association for making the contest possible, the people who worked so hard to make everything run smoothly, the jurors, and all of the participants who made this very enjoyable and had productive chats and just lots of fun in general.

Here’s my entry as a playable game in case you’d like to check it out. Give it some time, it takes a while to load.

Biggest thanks to creators of the game: いきなり魔王(ikinari maou)!


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ケイト · August 5, 2017 at 5:14 pm

Congratulations on winning such achievement. Now you can “check” the box where it says: “win a translation context”. Looking forward to hearing more of your translator adventures and also more insights about the Japanese language. 頑張ってください、先輩!

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